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St. Anne’s Endowment Fund was launched in 2015 with the goal of preparing and investing for the future, to ensure St. Anne's mission and ministry continue for generations to come.

Here you will find information about St. Anne's Society

and the St. Anne's Endowment

as well as links to handy documents.

Donors to the Endowment Fund become members of St. Anne's Society. Gifts to the Fund may be made in several ways. For example, you may designate a bequest to the fund in a will or living trust. Some make immediate gifts of cash, shares, property, insurance policies, or other assets. Others choose a type of gift that provides them with a lifetime income. Answers to many questions about how you can ensure St. Anne's health and participate in the St. Anne's Society may be found in the links below. Of course, you may always contact St. Anne's for more information.


Anonymous (3)

Alice Abrash

Susan & David Allen

Richard America

Eve & Jason Angerosa

Boriana Bakaltcheva & Julie Hurd

Pamela & Jerry Benson

Melissa & Terrance Bessey

Kathy & Don Boileau

Jean & Bruce Boston

Kathleen & Daniel Breeding

*Audree Brickson

Rhoda Weeks-Brown & Lionel Brown

Nancy & Roger Brown

Christine Cameron & Joe Bellman

Margaret L. Campbell & Edward H. Johnson

Lynn & Gary Carsten

Ann & Gerald Chapman

Richard Christensen

Elizabeth Rennie-Cline

Anna Mary Coburn & Terry Morrow

The Rev. Laura Cochran & Wilson Cochran

Mary Ann Panarelli

Liz Galvin Pao & Terry Pao

Connie & Larry Pettinger

Peyton Pond

Kimberly & Clifton Poole

Suzanne & Terry Robinson

Mary Ann & Bob Rich

Pam Russ

Heather & David Safford

Germaine & Thomas Safford

Nancy & James Scheeler

Katharine S. & J. Stephen Schindler

Nellie & Reuben Sidifall

Veda Simpson

Jane & Tom Smith

Susan & Rev. Dr. John Stonesifer

Mary Szpanka

Edward Urbaniak

Lisa & Robert Van Hoecke

Sandra & Ray Walser

Laurel Wanrow & Bill Burton

Annie & Kurt Wilkinson

Carol & Brian Wynne

Jeanne B. Johnson

Mary & Rev. H. Vance Johnson

Suzi & Jim Jones

Verlaine & Paul Jones

Anne & James Juran

Gabriel Kajeckas

Marguerite Keady

Dorry Kee

Emily Kimm

Carolyn & Richard Kovar

Heather Lawson & Jamie Roberson

Carol Leos

Margaret & Art Light

Judith Mall

Mary & Bill Malzahn

Deirdre McGuire

Carolyn Morse

Rebecca Mulder & Jonathan Krentel

Sarah & Larry Murphy

Merline & Mac Murray

Dabney & Al Narvaez

Patricia Nicoson

Shelby & Steve Owen

Roger Conover

Laurie Corkey

Christine Cralle

Scott Cryer

Nancy & John DeDona

Robin Drake

Marian Egge

Kay Evans & Rev. Jim Papile

Susan Ficklin

Kam Flynn

Martha & Sean Furniss

Ingrid & Richard Geissler

Robin & Chip George

Jean & Stewart Gill

Angie & Evan Gray

Bonnie & John Gruetzmacher

Haze Hanna

Barbara Helmich

Peggy Hobler & Michael Broddle

Lee Hobrla & James Vollman

Ellen & John Hoffman

Rosie Horn & John Schwarz

Carol & Sid Hurlburt


*In celebration of the life of Audree Brickson and with gratitude for her generous bequest to the Endowment Fund

~In loving memory of my mother Ellen Lawrence and in gratitude for the many gifts given to the community by St. Anne's.   Alice Abrash

St. Anne's Society

Life Income Gifts

A life income gift allows the donor to make the gift while continuing to derive benefit from the donated asset for the rest of his/her life or a specified number of years. The donor will normally engage with an attorney and an appropriate organization such as a bank’s trust division to create a trust and assign the assets to the endowment fund. Depending on the exact nature of the trust the donor should expect to receive a tax deduction and/or income and/or the continuing right to use the asset, such as a residence for the remainder of his/her life. Trust types used to manage lifetime income arrangements include the Charitable Gift Annuity; Charitable Remainder Trust; Pooled Income; Charitable Lead Trust; and gifts of real estate with lifetime estate reserved.

Deferred Gifts

The most common form of planned giving is through a bequest associated with a will or living trust. A will or trust-related bequest can take the form of a specific sum or a percentage of the estate. Optionally the estate percentage allocated to the gift may be calculated after other, higher-priority bequests have been completed. Alternatively, the bequest may apply to a specific asset such as personal or real property. 

Another possibility is to take out a life insurance policy naming the endowment fund as a beneficiary.

Immediate Gifts

An immediate gift is one that a donor gives to the endowment fund on the understanding that it can be easily added to the fund’s principal. Examples include cash and checks; securities, such as stocks and shares; real estate; valuables such as jewelry, paintings, antiques, or automobiles; retirement assets and income; whole/universal life insurance policies. The fund articles and resolutions, located in the Endowment Fund Governance section of this website, give the vestry some discretion about accepting a proposed gift. Their main concern is whether the gift can be easily and inexpensively converted into cash.

Endowmt Giving Options

This tri-fold brochure serves as the 2019 St. Anne's Endowment Fund Annual Report including the end-of-year financial summary.

Presented at the November 18, 2017, annual St. Anne's Society celebration and appreciation reception, this document provides an overview of the status of the St. Anne's Endowment as of October 31, 2017.

Mike Kerr, CEO of the Trustees of the Funds, made this presentation at the November 18, 2017, annual St. Anne's Society celebration and appreciation reception.

This file includes the establishing articles and resolutions of the St. Anne's Endowment Fund. Included are the following resolutions: (1) establishing the fund, (2) ongoing giving program, (3) disposition of bequests, (4) designated funds, and (5) gift acceptance policy.

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