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St. Anne's Bee Team

  • We produce and distribute our honey annually in July-Aug for donation to St. Anne's. It is typically $5/jar and jarred in reused, sanitized 4oz glass spice jars

  • The Bee Team welcomes your donations of new and used 4oz glass spice jars, preferably with plastic lids, but we'll take all). A collection bin is in St. Anne's Library and your donations can be placed there at any time.

  • St. Anne's Bee Team is available to provide 20-30 minute educational presentations to elementary school classes in the Reston-Herndon area. If interested, please contact our office.

Honey Dipper

Fairfax Beekeepers

Members of St. Anne's Bee Team are members of Fairfax Beekeepers.

See A Swarm of Honeybees?

In Fairfax County, you can report a swarm to Fairfax Beekeepers, and arrangements can be made to collect them, typically at no cost.  This page has photos of a typical honeybee swarm.


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