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Seasonal Community Service

Back to School Backpacks

For many families, the challenge is to pay for the back-to-school items that they need. St. Anne's participates with the Back to School program at Cornerstones which provides supplies to local classrooms. But they need good quality backpacks as well.

Contact Judy Skirbunt at, Nancy Santoro at, or Stephanie Hando at

Christmas Gifts Drive

In connection with Cornerstones  St. Anne’s collects Christmas gifts for children who participate in various Cornerstones programs. Wish lists are posted at St. Anne’s in November.

Contact Jane Smith at or by calling 703-471-0054.

Community Garden

St. Anne’s has a community garden growing vegetables and other items to support our food pantry and others around us.  We are looking for volunteers for weeding, watering and harvesting, no previous experience required.

Contact Ray Copson at


After the regular harvest from July to November local farmers are left with produce in the fields that is not economical for them to gather. The Gleaning program allows local faith communities to gather together and bring teams in to collect produce for those in need. 

Contact Karen German at

Hypothermia Shelter

December through March are the coldest months of the year. This is the time of the year that people living on the margins need our support the most. St. Anne’s feels that our work on this mission is crucial to the survival of the community around us. For one week a year Epiphany Episcopal Church in Franklin Farms, VA runs a temporary shelter. We help them to transport, feed, support and entertain the homeless staying at their shelter. 

Contact David Safford at

Graduation Ceremony
Jennifer Mitchell Scholarship

St. Anne’s joins five other Reston-area religious congregations annually to make scholarship awards to high school seniors from South Lakes and Herndon High Schools. The fund is named after Jennifer Mitchell, who was a high school senior when she died in an automobile accident in 1990. 

Contact JQ or Graham Gillen at

OAR Coat Drive

Provides a warm, fresh start to those who are newly released from prison. 

Coat Donations. OAR needs gently used S-2XL  warm winter coats — mostly men's — and sweatshirts each winter. 

We also need of volunteers to help us pick up the coats once a week for a month and deliver them to OAR in Fairfax. .

Contact Jackie Wooldridge at or by calling 703-819-2346.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

For many in our community with stressed budgets and financial challenges, a Thanksgiving dinner is not possible. St. Anne’s supports the Cornerstones Thanksgiving Food drive by donating up to 100 meals every year in order to help local families in need. In October and early November, people who wish to donate to this food drive can pick up an empty box to fill at St. Anne’s, and return it by the due date - typically in early November.

Call our office for more info.

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