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Food Drive Flyer  (11 x 17 in)_2.png

Join St. Anne's
Youth Group

A Food Drive
to benefit St. Anne's Food Pantry

Did you know that the Food Pantry relies heavily on donations from Cool Green Bags, A Simple Gesture Reston? These donations arrive every other month, and they constitute about 30% of the Pantry’s food donations. The month of March is an “off” month, meaning the Pantry won’t receive donations from Cool Green Bags, a significant source of its food items. About 45% of the food at the St. Anne’s Food Pantry is purchased from Capital Area Food Bank.  

Become part of St. Anne’s own Blue Bags! By helping to fill a blue bag of essential food items, you will help the Food Pantry to receive much needed supplies during a month they don’t receive from Cool Green Bags. This will help to offset some of the costs on their next food order.


This will also help the Youth Group, who will sort these items and stock the Pantry, to live into their values of fellowship and teamwork. The youth love any opportunity to share in teamwork toward a common goal - especially any goal that involves food, whether for themselves or others! You will recall they sponsored the Thanksgiving Box Ministry this past fall, too. 









All donations need to be in by 3:30 PM on March 3. The Youth Group will sort these items and stock the pantry during Youth Group on March 3rd from 4-6 PM.


Thank you for supporting both our Youth Group and our Food Pantry as they live out their baptismal vows to seek and serve Christ, loving their neighbors as themselves, and to honor the dignity of every human being.

So take a reusable bag from the Narthex on Sundays in February, fill it up with our Pantry's most needed food items (as many or as few as you can give), and drop off your bag in Classroom 6 between Sunday, February 11th and Sunday March 3rd.

Volunteers Packing Food

Your Shopping List

  • Peanut butter 

  • Soup (18-19 ounce cans)

  • Cereal (boxed, low sugar)

  • Pasta sauce (no glass jars)

  • Fruit (can)

  • Soy sauce

  • Taco sauce

  • Small red beans (1 lb bags of dried beans)

  • Rice (white or brown, 1 lb bags)

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