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Meet The Music Director
Search Committee


Kurt Wilkinson, Chair

Kurt is a lifelong Episcopalian and brings the love of music going back to playing trombone beginning in 5th grade. He’s sung in his church choir as a youth growing up in Western PA as well as here at St. Anne’s.


Professionally, he’s been in the Information Technology recruiting / Human Resource disciplines starting in 1980. My passion in recruiting and helping others find employment brings me great joy.


He and Annie launched Wilkinson SoftSearch in 1993 and Kurt served as VP of Recruiting at VeriSign and immixGroup.


Marian Egge

Marian has been a member of St. Anne's since 2009.  Music is her passion and much of her life has been spent in or around it.  As a child, she played the violin, and later, in college and grad school, she majored in music.


As an adult, Marian was active as a professional player and teacher for over 15 years.  She was also a member of the last Music Director Search Committee for the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra (2008-2009).  


She is thrilled to participate in this Music Director search process and looks forward to new beginnings of a vibrant and spirit-filled musical community here at St. Anne's.


Haze Hanna

Haze, a cradle Episcopalian, has been a member of St. Anne’s since 2001. She has been a steadfast member of the St. Anne’s Choir throughout her time in our community. She was also a strong supporter of St. Anne’s Front Porch Singers for 14 years, helping the group visit five local senior living facilities to interact with residents and those in the Reston Hospital.


As a young Episcopalian, she joined the junior choir in her hometown parish in Lander, Wyoming, and began singing solos as early as four years old. Locally, Haze has also sung with Encore Chorale and Encore Rocks. Haze has supported all types of music, including traditional Anglican, contemporary Christian, and a solid blending of musical genres.


At St. Anne’s, Haze has played a key role in supporting the

9:00,11:15 and 5:00 services, including performing at the National Cathedral, supporting all major services throughout the church calendar, and providing solo and group support of special events. Haze also was a Vestry member from 2018 through 2021. Haze’s goal and interest is to help the St. Anne’s community develop a music program that will help St. Anne’s to grow as a Church, and to enhance the community and life as we move forward together.


Alicia Narvaez Hernandez

Alicia and her family have been members of St. Anne's since 2006. She is a "PK" (priest's kid)- her dad Alfonso, former St. Anne's member, became an Episcopal minister in his 50's and brought his family along for the ride. Music has been an important part of her formation.

It began with musical theater in elementary school, then choir and an acapella group at St. Paul's School, and gospel choir in college at Columbia U. Now she sings with her musical family, Aaron, Santi (16), Beni (14) and Maite (11).


At St. Anne's, her musical favorites are the communion hymns and any time kids can share their musical talents. She's glad to serve on this committee to help support our congregation's musical next steps.


Paul ACB Jones

Paul was born in Monrovia, Liberia, and baptized and confirmed at Trinity Cathedral. At 24 years old, he became the youngest member of the Cathedral Chapter (Vestry) where he served for a decade.  His Passion for music started when he was a teenager and sang in Trinity Choir. 


Paul attended a Catholic Boarding School, Our Lady of Fatima, where he learned how to chant the mass in Latin and took part in several musical concerts.  In addition, he sang in the choir throughout college.  


Since 1996 he has been an active member of Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church Choir, and his love for music has grown stronger and better.


Rick Melrose

Rick and his family have been attending St. Anne';s since late 2016. Rick has been
involved with music for most of his life, including playing in multiple bands in and out of school from elementary school through college. He enjoys playing saxophone and flute to contribute to the worship music at St. Anne's, as well as occasionally singing with the choir and singing hymns from the pews.


His children have started to get involved in
music at school and at St. Anne's (his daughter has sung with the recently-formed
children's choir).


Rick served on a committee for a music director search at his
previous church and looks forward to helping with this search process.

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