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We Feed the Hungry

Would you like to help?

Do you need help?

We believe in living our faith in our community. 

And we can use your help or we can give you help if you need food.

Food insecurity was a serious issue in Fairfax County long before the pandemic. More than 50,000 people living here don't have adequate food throughout the month.

If you need food, please call our office at 703.437-6530 to let us know. You can pick up food at the church (1700 Wainwright Drive in Reston) or a Food Pantry volunteer can deliver the food to you.


If you would like to volunteer, we have threeprograms that help give the hungry something to eat and the thirsty something to drink. You don't have to be a member of our church to help--or any church for that matter. 

Food Pantry

We provide 1,500 bags of food each year to local families and the elderly. Bagging, shelving, distribution volunteer slots--all ages welcome.

Bread for the World

Volunteers work closely with those who govern, strongly advocating about policies, programs, and conditions addressing global hunger.

Cool Green Bags

St. Anne's lovingly participates  in this local program. Every other month, volunteers pick up donated food at local homes and bring to a central food patnry.

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