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Sunday Services


8:00 a.m. • Traditional Worship, no music



 10:00 a.m. • Friends & Family Worship 

 with music and livestreamed 

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 We are expecting you. From the moment you pull into the parking spot labeled "Reserved for First-time Visitors," you'll know it's true. Be sure to stop by the bright blue Welcome Table as you enter the church to find out more. Join us this Sunday, or drop by anytime. You'll be glad you did. Welcome home. 


Worshippers at St. Anne's reflect the diversity of Northern Virginia. Perhaps you'll sit next to someone from Oklahoma, or Liberia, or India, or California. Children of God who are young and old, gay and straight, religious and doubting, display the rainbow of God's creative Spirit in this place.


At St. Anne's, you'll be encouraged to share God's good news in progressive, positive ways. Join in taking active steps to change the world around you for the better. St. Anne's is an open, intelligent, and collaborative community, keenly focused on improving the lives of people in Northern Virginia and beyond.

Music Director Search Launched

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching our Music Director Search! This summer, in working with the Wardens, Personnel Committee, and Vestry representatives we pulled together a stellar search committee. 


The committee includes Marian Egge, a musician who brings her experience from having served on the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra music director search committee; Haze Hanna, a lifelong Episcopalian and steadfast member of St. Anne's Choir and Front Porch singers; Alicia Narvaez Hernandez, a "PK" (priest-kid) who grew up with music and theater infused in her life, and who currently enjoys singing with her musical family at home and church; Paul Jones, born in Liberia and sang in the Trinity Cathedral Choir, an active member of St. Anne's choir since 1990s, and Rick Melrose, sings beautifully in the "choir from the pews", enjoys playing the flute and saxophone, and served on a music director search committee at his previous parish. 

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