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Rev. Jessica Holthus


Mtr. Jess answered the call to serve as St. Anne's 7th rector and began her ministry here in February of 2022. 

She previously served as the associate rector at All Saints Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland, and is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary. 


Tim Barwick

Minister of Outreach

Tim focuses outreach ministries and teams at St. Anne's. We think "Service" is his middle name.


Megan Glenn

Parish Administrator

Megan knows how to turn a "to-do" list into a "to-done" list. Done and done well, that is.

Mother Maria Maguire

Mtr. Maria Maguire
Assistant to the Rector
for Outreach & Formation

Mother Maria joins St. Anne's on August 7. A Yale Divinity School graduate, she leads outreach ministries and children's, youth, and adult formation.

Angie Gray.jpg

Angie Gray

Office Administrator

Angie ensures the office

is well tuned and

ready for action.

David L.M. Gunning, Jr.
Interim Director of Music

Dj leads us as we "Lift Every Voice (and organ, piano, handbell, violin, guitar, drum, tambourine, sax, flute, and any other thing that makes music) And Sing!"


Kade Utz
Halstead & Halstead PC

2018-10-28_liberian community at bishop

Anne Cooper

Assisting Priest

Anne has been an integral part of our lives and the greater Liberian community for many years.


Vance Johnson
Assisting Priest

Vance may be "retired," but at St. Anne's, he logs as many hours as the antique clocks he refurbishes.

Winston Welty

Assisting Priest

Winston may be "retired," but he's never tired of preaching the Word and doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God. 

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