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50 YEARS. 50 DAYS. $50K.



At St. Anne's we worship, rejoice, mourn, educate, serve, share, and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit together in a beautiful worship space. Join us in praying and giving to care for our sacred spaces and for our worship at St. Anne's for the next 50 years!

Your financial gift will help provide new custom-designed and crafted worship furniture, including:

a new altar to better fit our worship space and needs

an updated pulpit displaying our beautiful wood carvings representing the four gospels

a visible baptismal font serving as a constant reminder of our baptismal covenant

two larger credence tables to provide ample room for our worship vessels and linens

two pedestals to support flower guild vase arrangements  

seating for our clergy and acolytes

altar linens appropriately fitted for a new altar.

gospel - winged man.jpg
gospel - winged lion.jpg
gospel - winged ox.jpg
gospel - eagle.jpg

Carvings on our current pulpit of the man (Matthew), lion (Mark), ox (Luke), and eagle (John).

YES!  I want to help raise $50,000 in 50 days in celebration of our 50th Anniversary!

I want to make an online payment on our secure donation page.

Go to give now >>


I want to send a check made payable to
St. Anne's with "50-50-50" in the memo line to:

St. Anne's Episcopal Church

Attn: 50-50-50

1700 Wainwright Dr.

Reston, VA 20190

If you do NOT wish to have your name listed among the donors, please send an email to Angie Gray.

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